A feature of the IT industry has always been a constant need for professionals to learn new skills. According to a recent Global Knowledge report, however, this trend can sometimes be reversed - new technologies can render existing skills redundant.

The rise of cloud computing, according to the report, will reduce the need for two skills that were once central for the effective deployment of a functional IT infrastructure - software installation and support.

According to the report, PaaS and SaaS have changed the face of IT dramatically. Because SaaS is provided on a subscription bases, often through a web browser, there is no need for professional installation of software packages.

Furthermore, PaaS eliminates the need for technical support in many cases, by shifting the focus of IT infrastructure to the cloud vendor's servers, the report said.

According to the report, this model serves the interests of both cloud vendors and their clients. While clients benefit from reduced costs and dependence on technical support, vendors gain from a guaranteed revenue stream.

As cloud computing changes the IT needs of many businesses, attitudes and approaches to technology are shifting. According to a recent Management Insight report, many enterprises have already adopted a "cloud thinking" mentality.