Cloud computing solutions and the bring your own device policy trend mean big things for businesses going into the future but also that companies need to have better email security than they ever have before, according to Network World.

"By now, the advantages and risks of BYOD have been well documented," the news source said. "While it promotes convenience, collaboration and mobile productivity among employees, it is vulnerable to malicious applications, theft and simple carelessness - employees storing corporate data in public cloud services that are not secure, so they can access it anytime."

The cloud gives rise to all of this, so companies should be careful to make sure all of these solutions are protected as well as possible. Jeff Wilson, a principal analyst for Infonetics, said that a management platform may help out, but companies first need to make sure their mobile and cloud computing policies are in order so that they can build and buy a proper security solution.

Richard Parris write for Business Computing World that with email being the primary method of sharing information, including services such as cloud-based email, companies must be as careful as possible to secure everything and take all needed steps to protect information.