While David Linthcium said on InfoWorld that many have told him cloud computing solutions are a completely unique technology that has not been seen in years past, he doesn't completely buy it and said there is the same potential for mistakes with the cloud as there was with the web when it first started in the 1990s.

"The more obvious potential repeat is the pushback on cloud computing based on claims it is a fad and a security threat," he wrote. "This results in delayed acceptance and planning activities. Déjà vu: Many companies in the 1990s viewed the rise of the web as a flash in the pan or something that would not last, as well as a 'security threat.' They did not embrace the web or the emerging value of the technology."

The lack of movement at the start of both of these technologies has the potential to force companies to play catch-up, which Linthicum pointed out hurt industries such as newspapers and the music industry.

GigaOM said one big mistake companies can make with cloud-based services is not understanding the cost-benefits of the platform and not accurately estimating its monetary value.