Reporting on a recent Google customer event in Paris, Businessworld explained that all attendees were focused on the cloud. Speakers, forum discussions and surveys all centered on the growth of cloud computing and its potential impact on business environments.

One of the primary reasons for the swiftness of cloud growth is the amount of data being processed by businesses. According to Google's experts, the same amount of information is generated every two days that was created from the beginning of recorded history through 2003.

The need to manage, store and analyze the influx of information is driving companies to implement new technological solutions. Cloud computing, with its ability to provide data and software solutions with the combined resources of multiple virtualized devices, is proving an ideal solution to the data problem.

Security, however, is slowing the cloud's adoption. A poll held at the event found just one-third of CIOs are currently planning to move to cloud computing. Compliance laws and security concerns are making IT professionals hesitant to adopt the cloud.

In response, cloud providers are building security into the fabric of their cloud offerings, claiming a public cloud solution is more secure than traditional desktop security models.

According to a recent survey by Forrester, the cloud security market is expected to grow to $1.5 billion by 2015. As companies adopt cloud solutions, the entire paradigm of computing is expected to change. The resulting shift as companies build security into cloud computing is expected to bring exponential growth to the industry, InformationWeek reports.