Steve Spano, a U.S. Air Force general and consultant on federal cloud computing claimed agencies only deploying the cloud to save money may be disappointed. Instead, national institutions must take hold of the larger picture, as the platform has the potential to change governmental computing.

"You've got to look at it as a large investment in resources," said Spano at a recent conference. "And that will be the challenge."

This ideology may mean a number of things, according to Fierce Government IT. The cloud may revolutionize how agencies store and analyze data of national significance. Additionally, experts claim the computing architecture could play a big role in creating a more accountable federal system.

For now, the public may just have to wait and see where the cloud ultimately takes government. According to analyst Lee Badger, the computing architecture's emphasis on increasing the scale of existing IT infrastructures may be where the platform leaves its mark on government.

Another way in which the cloud may empower the federal government is by allowing agencies to exchange information more efficiently. This is the overarching theme of a new cloud portal developed by the NSA, nicknamed the Quad, reports the Daily Tech.