While many businesses may have thought money was the most important factor before looking into or adopting cloud based services, Barb Darrow wrote on GigaOM that there is now a shift in thinking as to why companies move their workloads to the cloud. Instead of going for cost savings, she said organizations have figured out that the cloud is a great way to become more flexible and scalable even if it doesn't save a ton of money every time.

Everest Group partner Scott Bils told her that that cloud conversations have shifted from total cost of ownership to agility. He recently conducted a survey at the Cloud Connect show and found that for buyers, the top reasons to adopt the cloud were reduced time to provision applications, more flexibility and a lack of internal technical resources. Total cost of ownership was only the fifth biggest reason for cloud adoption. A different group, cloud vendors, recognized different benefits, but Bils warned that believing cost is the top factor could be a mistake.

Davey Winder wrote on CloudPro that price should never be the main cause for companies to move to the cloud, and it doesn't seem as though providers are thinking on that level either. He said the top reason many are moving into the cloud is security.

"Yes, I really did just say that. What's more I meant it as well," he said. "Sure, it may not appear that way if you are the kind of person who absorbs headlines without bothering to read the full story that always follows. Not only would you have the impression that security issues 'remain a stumbling block' but it may simply seem impossible that it could be anything other than a cost-driven move that makes the cloud such a tempting proposition. Especially if you are a hard-nosed business person with a firm focus on the bottom line."

Winder said that while there has been media-fuelled skepticism about security, it has started to come down in recent days to reasonable levels. This allows businesses to move past the "red mist" that he said existed and adopt the cloud without concerns of their information leaking everywhere. Trust and security, he said, are the greatest accelerators for adoption, so security questions will likely be what brings new customers into the cloud for this year.