Businesses and IT professionals that continue to have reservations about cloud computing’s security capabilities may not be looking at the big picture, according to a Server Watch report released on Thursday.

There is no founded reason to explain how a cloud service may be any less capable of securing a company’s information than an in-house IT department, Server Watch stated. At the same time, the report states cloud consumers should research and compare different vendors to make sure they find one that will offer them service that fits their security and data needs.

Martin Blackhurst, a security specialist at Redstone Managed Solutions, told Server Watch, “if you know your security requirements, and the cloud provider assures you it can meet them, and all your risks are covered by your provider, then that just leaves trust.” If after all those assurances a company is still hesitant, then perhaps it should explore other vendors, he said.

Cloud computing offers businesses a number of benefits, such as lower capital expenditures, fixed monthly costs, more flexible accessibility and scalability, that have been lost among all of the complaints over its alleged security gaps, according to Server Watch.

Although some companies may continue to downplay the positives of cloud computing, when it comes to its growth, it’s hard to argue with the numbers. According to a recent Pew Internet and Elon University study, the majority of respondents said within 10 years most internet users will use cloud services.ADNFCR-2553-ID-19859657-ADNFCR