After looking at the benefits and risks of cloud based services, Chipita America adopted CenterBeam's cloud. Even though many businesses have security concerns in migrating to the cloud, Shahin Pirooz, CTO & CSO of CenterBeam, said in a recent webcast, titled "Cloud Skeptical Turned Advocate: A CIO's Story of Gaining Trust," that Chipita America improved security, boosted disaster recovery and achieved greater application reliability in its deployment. The business also saw a rise in accessibility and efficiency.

Pirooz discussed the difference between cloud models and the ways in which each solution can be advantageous. Other topics included security improvements that can be made with cloud computing solutions and the factors business decision makers should consider when pricing options.

"CenterBeam offers something we call 'bring your own security' or BYOS," Pirooz said. "This allows Chipita America to bring their own security requirements to the enterprise-class services we provide. They just implement their security once in their Active Directory and extend it into our cloud infrastructure. Then we authenticate and authorize every object against Chipita America's Active Directory, not ours."