When first bringing in a new cloud computing solution, companies need to be sure that the service level agreement is right for them. One important aspect of this, according to InformationWeek, is figuring out a satisfactory pricing model. The key thing for a business is to not to get in over its head. They also need to work to set up a system that will not shock the company when the cloud bills start coming in.

"Too many companies, until recently, only deal with the problem when they run into overages," said Mat Ellis, CEO of Cloudability, according to the news source. "[Total cost of ownership] is the new security for the cloud. People are starting to take this seriously because they are now starting to spend serious amounts of money on the cloud."

Cloud computing providers will often have different pricing models with price as a moving target, InformationWeek said. Companies need to address which pricing model will work best for them as they move forward and be sure to have flexibility just in case in needs to change down the line.

CloudTweaks said the elastic pricing or pay-as-you-go model may be the best way to go for businesses looking at cloud computing. Companies will have to be aware of how much they use, but this should allow them to cut the most costs.