With the costs of IT rising, providers are increasingly recommending and implementing cloud computing-based email, according to a post on CRN's website. Nick Mehta, CEO of LiveOffice, said that with the amount of time many customers spend on their email accounts each day, it's hard for a company not to want to move to the cloud.

Osterman Research found that email is the single most used application for corporate users, with the average user spending 28 percent of an eight-hour work day, or 134 minutes, on email. Typical users send on average 43 emails and receive 123 during a normal working day. Mehta said that given these numbers, a cost-effective solution is extremely important for organizations.

The advantages of moving to the cloud are numerous, Mehta writes, as companies can save money, add or take away email services depending on need and avoid paying any upfront costs for hardware or software licenses.

"No matter what reason companies have for moving some or all of their messaging to the cloud, or when they decide to do it, the savings are there for the taking," he writes on the CRN website.