A recent survey commissioned by Citrix found that even though the majority of the public may not understand cloud computing solutions, 95 percent already use it. This includes 65 percent who bank online, 63 percent shopping online and 58 percent using social media websites. One IT professional wrote on ZDNet that this survey shows that people and business don't have to truly understand something to use it.

"In truth, knowing too much about the inner workings of cloud computing is proving to be an active disadvantage for many technologists," he wrote. "They're obsessing about how to deploy cloud architectures within their existing IT infrastructures while ignoring many of the business outcomes that are truly characteristic of the cloud. Instead of tinkering with their internal systems, they should be focusing on the online information access and commerce, the real-time engagement, collaboration and file-sharing that external-facing cloud infrastructures allow."

Even though many don't understand the cloud, 59 percent believe the workplace of the future will exist almost entirely in the cloud and nearly one-third see the cloud as a large part of business going forward.  About 54 percent claim to never have used the cloud, Citrix said, but many believe in its importance for companies that use it.

Businesses who fear the cloud should adopt endpoint security, find a business function the cloud can help with and adopt it when they feel as though they are ready.