The 2012 CA Technologies Channel Index recently revealed that increased cloud spending in the U.K. correlates with increased IT savings. The survey shows CA Technologies channel partners are spending more on the cloud, and expect to implement more cloud solutions this year. It also indicated partners using the cloud saved 11.5 percent on annual IT costs,which is up from the 9.7 percent savings reported in last year's channel index.

“Increased cloud spending as predicted by this year’s Channel Index reflects that the cloud model is a good response to the growing pressures modern business is facing," said Marco Comastri, president, Europe, Middle East and Africa, CA Technologies.

SMBs in the U.S. are also looking into cloud solutions as a way to provide big data analytics. According to research done by SMB market analyst company Techaisle, 34 percent of US mid-market businesses that are currently using business intelligence are also interested in big data analytics.

Techaisle's research indicates a lack of internal expertise as a major barrier to the implementation of big data analytics. SaaS solutions reduce the impact of the expertise issue by offering support services, and eliminate the cost of building internal software infrastructure, making big data analytics as a service an attractive option for SMBs.