Mobile is currently the most transformative technology in business, but according to a recent report from CIO UK, cloud based services will soon take over. The CIO Priorities report found that 48 percent believed data and analytics were the largest drivers of enterprise transformation, with mobile at 31 percent and the cloud at 18 percent; however, this may soon change.

"Respondents to the CIO UK survey revealed that managing and reducing costs, and increasing efficiency were their top priorities in the coming year, a clear correlation with why they expected the cloud to take over from mobile as the biggest driver of transformation," the website said. "Developing new products and expanding into new markets were not considered priorities."

Companies employing more than 1,000 people reported a shift away from prioritizing data and analytics to cloud computing services as the biggest driver of transformation. Midsize companies also expected to move more into the cloud soon.

IT professional Joe Baguley wrote on The Guardian that CIOs need to lead this shift in order to make sure their cloud based services are controlled and secured. However, it is important the workforce is allowed to be innovative and complement their working culture with the cloud.