The cloud may provide several benefits to government IT. Also, the platform's lower operating costs may enable federal agencies to save on technology expenses, which could mean more taxpayer dollars devoted to other national efforts in need of capital.

However, cloud implementation is notoriously slow among federal agencies, reports InformationWeek. The reason for this is a procurement process that takes place over several months, which hampers the platform's adoption speed. This detracts from the cloud's value, as IT experts claim one of the advantages of cloud computing is its rapid deployment.

"It does me no good if I can stand up a server in two hours in the cloud if it takes me 16 months to procure it," said Tom Wolfe, Customs and Border Protection CTO at the recent Cloud Computing Executive Steering Committee working group conference.

However, cloud implementation in federal agencies may soon be able to move along at faster rates. The media outlet states the General Services Administration is moving cloud applications to, a website in which federally-approved programs can be purchased with ease.

According to SecureInfo, Microsoft's cloud applications may be added to the website, as its cloud platform was recently given the green light by the federal government.