Companies looking for benefits from cloud computing need to plan in advance before implementing the solution. GigaOm said organizations can realize the benefits of cloud computing, but success isn't guaranteed either, so companies must start planning as soon as possible.

"Today - yes, today - your application developers are leveraging the cloud to work in completely new ways," the news source said. "Cloud computing has the power to change the way your team thinks about delivering customer value. Change the way you think about IT management. Start from your end user customers and work backwards up the value chain. Then map out a cloud computing strategy to get there."

Companies should also think about the following factors, GigaOm said:
- Security issues must be taken care of and planned for as soon as possible
- Public versus private cloud is something that needs to be taken into consideration before a company chooses a solution
- Businesses need to realize that the cloud is not a fad that will quickly go out of style. It's here to stay and the sooner companies accept this the sooner they can see benefits

InfoStreet Small Business Blog said when it's done right, the cloud can bring automatic updates, better business scalability and flexibility, reduced costs and remote access for employees working away from the office.