Enterprise network management of cloud computing services has become more popular for businesses over the past few years, according to a recent report by Information Services Group. By using its TPI Index to analyze outsourcing deals, the company found that since 2010, IT service deals with cloud computing included have tripled.

“Cloud services, especially shared platforms, are a new terrain for providers and clients alike, as they are highly standardized and can’t be easily customized - the antithesis of traditional outsourcing,” said Stanton Jones, emerging technology analyst at ISG, according to Computer Weekly. “From well-known software vendors to more nimble mid-market players and emerging pure-play infrastructure and SaaS providers, traditional IT service providers face significant pressure in nearly every direction.”

Other numbers regarding cloud computing showed:
- Cloud computing was featured in 25 percent of outsourcing deals
- Computer Weekly reported that 21 percent of businesses in Europe have outsourced cloud development and 18 percent of companies have in North America
- 300 IT contracts with cloud computing as an aspect will be issued in 2012, up from 220 in 2011 and 110 in 2010

Outsourcing cloud based services could be a great way for companies to see the efficiency of the cloud and still be able to focus on other tasks.