The IT architecture of the cloud makes it ideal for companies looking to offer its employees telecommuting solutions. However, there are certain steps businesses need to take to make sure that this process runs smoothly.

According to Josh Hall, an IT expert and contributor for industry news source Simply Business, the cloud, along with the right hardware and internet services, is a major consideration for companies with out-of-office employees. Additionally, he stated that the platform may maximize business productivity, as remote access capabilities can go a long way in keeping employees in the loop even when they are not present.

"If you want to maximize productivity amongst remote workers, you need to investigate the cloud," he asserted in the report.

Furthermore, cloud-based remote access shows that a company can trust its employees, which may lead to happier workers, stated Hall. Business experts say that, often, the happiest workers are the most productive.

Remote access capabilities extend far beyond the home and workplace. According to IT experts, cloud-based solutions can be reached anywhere there is a reliable internet connection.