Experts say that the cloud market is expected to boom in 2011, as the platform is predicted to be implemented by businesses worldwide. However, enterprises in the U.K. tends to favor a more gradual approach to the new technology.

According to IT Pro Portal, U.K. businesses are lagging behind their European counterparts in their adoption of the cloud.

A recent survey by VMWare found 48 percent of U.K. firms have implemented the platform already. This percentage is slightly lower than their fellow European constituents, as 60 percent of continental respondents have begun cloud computing in their enterprise.

The media outlet states that small firms are at first hesitant to store their critical data in virtualized space. However, as small- to medium-sized enterprises grow larger, they realize they can no longer devote as much time to IT management.

Big business will gladly pass of some IT responsibilities, as "services firms who don't want the hassle of managing the technology and are happy for a cloud firm to do it for them,” said Chris Jagusz, an IT specialist at Daisy Group.

Another survey in the U.K. by the Cloud Industry Forum yielded similar results. Additionally, it found that small businesses that took to the cloud did so to take advantage of its ability to expand rapidly with a growing business.