With the new year here, companies have been looking at big trends and trying to see how they can utilize them. PwC U.S. put together what it thought to be some of the biggest trends of 2013, with mobile, big data, security and private cloud based services playing a big role.

"Our top trends report shows that a diverse and complex set of technologies are emerging, which CIOs and the C-suite need to embrace and incorporate into their business from strategy through execution," said Chris Curran, a PwC principal. "Collaboration within organizations will be crucial to business success as each of the technologies has the potential to be a key driver in an organization's business agenda."

The top five trends, according to PwC, include:
- Pervasive computing
- Cyber security
- Analysis of big data
- Private clouds
- Enterprise social networks

Gartner said the top trend for 2013 would be mobile device battles, which may pit companies against employees bringing their own devices. For this, organizations may want to look at the advantages of mobile device management.