Whether IT departments like it or not, they will be working in different ways with the advent of cloud computing solutions at their business. A recent report from CompTIA shows that eight in 10 companies are currently using some form of cloud-based services and more than half plan to increase the amount they spend this year. The company said this means IT roles and departments will be in flux over the next year or two, at least.

"The option for cloud solutions for various parts of the computing stack is opening the doors for IT professionals to perform new tasks, or at least perform old tasks in new ways," said Seth Robinson, director of technology analysis at CompTIA. "It's also creating new job roles and functions to more tightly integrate IT teams with lines of business."

In the next year, 42 percent of IT channel firms are expecting the cloud computing services portion of their company to grow by 15 percent or more, the CompTIA report said. With this in mind, IT workers should get used to the idea of the cloud figure out how they can better fit into the company with a cloud solution.

Gartner said payments on cloud computing solutions will grow to $10.6 billion in 2016 after being at $4.7 billion in 2011. Clearly this is an industry on the rise and there is certainly room for IT professionals to grow into the cloud.