When cloud computing first made its way into the enterprise, companies were concerned about the platform as far as security and other issues were concerned, but it seems businesses are becoming more comfortable with the cloud as the technology matures. According to a survey by Host Analytics and Dimensional Research, 92 percent of executives say the cloud is good for business, 67 percent said it helps IT deliver better systems for less money and 74 percent answered that having SaaS applications in a business intelligence solution would add value.

Joe McKendrick writes on Forbes that the longer companies work with cloud computing, the fewer concerns they have with regard to control and security.

"Initially, the IT department workarounds - to get applications up and running faster, or to get around IT departments - are seen as the greatest benefit," McKendrick said. "For example, 33 percent of the companies just starting out with cloud say they see getting around any constraints of their IT departments as a benefit. But this drops to 22 percent as companies move up the experience curve (with five or more years under their belts)."

Companies are growing more comfortable with cloud computing. Other companies looking into the cloud should examine how these experienced companies work within the platform.