Two rapidly growing IT trends - grid technology and cloud computing - are set to be discussed at an upcoming conference.

Called GlobusWORLD 2011, the conference will showcase a variety of new high-performance IT solutions. These include online features that can solve "last-mile" problems for transferring data between users' local machines and grid FTP-enabled resources, such as high-performance computing data centers, as well as SaaS-based file transfer capabilities delivered to users of HPC facilities.

The conference will include a wide range of demonstrations and presentations, as well as a variety of tutorials, geared toward users of all levels.

Ian Foster, director of the Computation Institute, said the conference promises to be "even more engaging than past events," as it attracts "many researchers that are new to grid and cloud computing, starting to adopt Software-as-a-Service for their data management needs."

GlobusWORLD 2011 will be held at Argonne, near Chicago, from April 11 to 13. It will be co-located with another conference taking place on the same dates, the Cloud Computing Applications 2011 Conference.