Fast-growing companies have to continuously update their software. However, implementing new infrastructure can become expensive over time, prompting many businesses to look for a cheaper solution.

Enter the cloud. According to, the cloud's main advantage to rapidly growing enterprises is scalability. Instead of investing precious capital in technology infrastructure that may become obsolete in a short amount of time, businesses can now pay for processing power as they expand.

The cloud can also help prevent oversight as a business expands. The news source stated that virtualized software allows for greater flexibility within existing IT operations. Accordingly, the servers will be updated as a business transitions from small to large, preventing gaps from going unnoticed.

The media organization also highlights the cloud as a more reliable means of financial reporting. As a company transitions to greater investment interest or an initial public offering of its stocks, those with secure financial bookkeeping are expected to make the move much more quickly.

According to Forbes, a distinct advantage of the platform is "rapid provisioning." This enables enterprises to meet large processing demands, such as the first big contract, much quicker.