With tools such as hosted email in the cloud and cloud based productivity tools, businesses should have mission-critical support built into the cloud, according to a blog post by Arthur Cole on ITBusinessEdge's website. He said many organizations stop before moving into mission critical applications, but said there are some cloud companies that can provide great services and even more will come in the future.

"Entrusting the crown jewels to someone else's infrastructure still requires a leap of faith, no matter what kind of assurances are on paper," Cole said. "However, it is happening on a limited basis already."

Cole writes that many firms are already starting to trust the cloud with security, and Gus Hunt, CTO for the CIA, told a recent Amazon Web Services conference that the ability to shift data and applications makes the cloud safer by making it harder for people to break into any one specific location to find information.

Jason Glassberg, co-founder of security consulting business Casaba, writes on Fox Business' Small Business blog that cloud computing providers need to have a good continuity plan and good response time for when security issues happen. There are currently cloud providers that will be able to provide businesses with a high level of security in the cloud.