As the 9th annual Cloud Expo Silicon Valley is happening soon, Jeremy Geelan of Sys-Con asked top cloud computing executives what some of their predictions for 2012 were in the field.

Peter Coffee, the vice president of Platform Research with Salesforce said that businesses looking to adopt the cloud will see an increased use of tablets for the year and a larger volume of external data coming into play, such as social networks.

William Toll, vice president of marketing at Yottaa, said data integration will see more play with the amount of data coming into work environments.

"Big data's growing ease of deployment and management enables IT to actually mine and analyze the data to make real time apps and business decisions," Toll said on Sys-Con's website. "Data integration platforms expand their capability to pull data from across environments - powering growth to companies that leverage their new data and analytics wealth."

Companies that want to use things such as cloud-based email and cloud based productivity tools will increase over the next few years, according to AMI-Partners' SMB Cloud Services Study. The survey said over the next five years, the industry will see a double-digit year-over-year growth.