While businesses are adopting cloud computing solutions at ever-increasing rates, there are still major roadblocks preventing a more complete deployment of cloud technology in business.

According to BMC's vice president of strategy, Herb VanHook, the overall immaturity of cloud providers is making it difficult for some businesses to implement cloud computing, iTWire reports.

Cloud providers can have a difficult time providing potential clients with precise information about where data will be stored. Since geography can have a significant effect on network latency times, knowing the physical location of stored information is crucial for businesses.

In the early stages of cloud deployment, providers have not had to maintain high levels of transparency with clients. That policy will have to change for cloud computing to continue to grow.

VanHook told the news source cloud providers are starting to upgrade their services to meet the needs of demanding businesses. As the process of improving compliance and data storage standards develops, the use of cloud computing is expected to continue its rapid growth.

According to Business Insurance, cloud computing opens a new set of risks for businesses as they trust cloud providers with sensitive data. While basic insurance policies exist for loss incurred when the provider is at fault, it is important for companies to carefully consider risks before moving to the cloud.