As Gabriele Di Piazza, senior marketing director for Microsoft's operator channels group, put it, cloud computing is a game-changer for small and mid-sized businesses because it allows these companies to have an enterprise-class IT infrastructure.

"[SMBs] want as many services as possible from a single source, preferably a local provider," Di Piazza told "There's a level of trust provided by local solution providers."

A new report from Edge Strategies highlights this, as it found that 30 percent of SMBs are already using cloud computing while another 48 percent want to subscribe within the next two to three years. A mere 22 percent said they have no plans to move to a cloud computing solution.

Only 25 percent of businesses with between two and 10 employees utilize the cloud, according to the survey, but that rises up to 53 percent for companies with between 26 and 50 employees. This goes up even further for companies with between 101 and 250 employees, as 60 percent of these companies use the cloud.

The smaller companies do offer potential, the survey says, as 51 percent of the smallest companies plan on adopting cloud computing in the next three years.