A digital effects company in Hollywood is looking to utilize cloud computing to improve its operations, according to Data Knowledge Center. Digital Domain started using a cloud computing solution to help "harness distributed computing nodes in a cloud rendering system," according to the news source.

“We couldn’t do this without [the cloud computing solution] in the picture,” said Mike Thompson, Sr. Systems Engineer of Digital Domain, according to the news source. “The WAN latency would have killed the applications’ IOPS to the filers.  We simply wouldn’t have been able to render frames remotely.  In order to grow, we would have been forced to increase our data center footprint in cities with much higher costs for space and power.”

The company, which has done effects for Titanic, Transformers and other movies, uses cloud computing to reduce latency, according to Data Knowledge Center. This can occur by accessing data across a large distance, which the company helps cut down with this cloud solution.

In Vancouver, Canada, a group of companies put together a localized cloud computing server called RenderCloud, which will allow studios to ramp up production in the area. Movie production may see more instances of cloud computing in the coming years to go along with these advancements.