A recent report from Money Control said software has traditionally been developed with a focus on the products look and feel, without concern for its usability. As a result, applications required significant training and often had long learning curves.

According to the report, cloud computing is changing this process because it is bringing applications to a wider base of audiences and encouraging them to deploy technologies on a diverse range of devices.

Because of this increased diversity, software is increasingly developed with the end-user in mind, easing the transition to new applications and simplifying technological deployments.

This is also creating an enhanced environment for social networking in businesses. As the cloud allows more users to deploy advanced technologies in more places, enterprise-specific, cloud-based social networking is becoming a popular collaboration tool in the enterprise.

These trends are especially prevalent with mobile technologies, the report said, because mobile social media sites have historically been restricted by the hardware of the device. The cloud is allowing users to deploy applications regardless of hardware, improving overall performance and usability.

According to a survey from KPMG, cloud computing's ability to enhance operations and increase productivity is creating an improved environment for economic growth in the IT industry.