In making his first appearance as the CIO of the U.S. government, Steven VanRoekel said cloud computing and its features, such as cloud-based email and cloud based productivity tools, can help weed out inefficiencies and create cost savings for the government, according to news sources. VanRoekel was speaking to a crowd in Silicon Valley.

"Never before have we had such tools at our disposal," says VanRoekel. "Technologies like cloud, mobile, web platforms, and servers have matured to the point where they can now play a key role in transforming every aspect of government."

VanRoekel stated his goal was to shut down 472 duplicative data centers by the end of the year. He has another, longer goal to shut down 962 of those centers by 2015, hereby saving money and helping the environment.

Other businesses can do what the government is doing with cloud computing. Many providers can help businesses cut out dollars, become more efficient and move business further into technology with cloud services. VanRoekel said the government has already saved $3 billion in the last two years via the cloud.