For businesses willing to make a big shift in their business model, cloud computing have have real world results, according to a post by Sourya Biswas on CloudTweaks.

Biswas said that for businesses willing and able to switch over to a cloud system, there could be a number of benefits for businesses, not the least of which is the immediate IT savings garnered from making the switch to a virtual server.

"This is an obvious advantage of virtualization," Biswas said. Instead of expending money on IT resources that will be scarcely used, virtualization allows businesses to use only what they need, and pay for only what they use, thereby reducing both capital and operating expenditures."

Other advantages for companies making the switch to the cloud include mobility, scalability, disaster recovery and security. Biswas said that virtualization also allows for optimal use of resources by consolidating and reallocating them based on utilization and capacity, which could be difficult in a traditional IT system.

Keir Thomas of PCWorld writes on Computerworld that cloud computing can also make it essentially impossible to lose work, as files are saved every few seconds in applications like Google Docs. Thomas said there is even a way to go back to a previous state of the document if a large change needs to be made.