Governments around the globe are beginning to recognize the monetary and operational benefits of cloud computing technology. In the United Kingdom, the Westminster City Council recently embraced the cloud to help reduce costs and increase functionality.

David Wilde, who was CIO for Westminster City Council, recently led a cloud adoption strategy. He is currently working on bringing the cloud to Exxex City Council and said that Westminster moved to the private cloud due to the sensitivity of the information. He said he believes the government body benefited greatly from the cloud, as the price was much cheaper than the traditional hardware and software-driven systems.

“The other advantage for us was that we got more resilience and because the cloud service was based in different locations, there was effective disaster recovery in place because we didn’t have to pay for a dedicated provision," he told Silicon Republic.

Even with some government entitles taking to cloud computing, Elizabeth Montalbano writes on InformationWeek's website that 23 percent of organizations in the public sector use the cloud. This is compared to the much greater use the technology receives in the public sector, where 43 percent of companies use cloud computing.