Aside from cost reduction, IT flexibility and server automation, another benefit to using cloud computing may be to enable a company to go green. According to IT expert Christoper Mines in a report for Green Biz, some of the technology's built-in advantages may help save the environment.

The pay-as-you-go capability of the platform may ensure that companies do not waste precious energy and IT resources, stated Mines. This leads to greater business efficiency and prevents electricity from being wasted.

"In concert, the pay-per-use and self-service capabilities of cloud-based infrastructure drive energy and resource efficiencies simultaneously, since users only consume the computing resources they need when they need it," added Mines.

Many cloud services house multiple tenants on a single platform, and this too is environmentally friendly. Mines reported that, if companies are sharing the consolidated processing power of a single service, fewer resources are wasted.

"Migrating workloads to cloud resources, or developing new workloads in a cloud-native environment, can help an IT organization contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability goals," wrote Mines.

IT experts say that the cloud is a more eco-friendly option than extensive data centers, as services that housed multiple tenants on one computing node may be fewer in number and more efficient when it comes to using electricity.