More companies are switching from local software deployments to hosted solutions, according to a BusinessWorld report.

Business leaders are becoming more aware of IT possibilities suing cloud computing, many of which can offer companies reduced costs and greater business mobility. The adaptation of cloud-based applications is happening so rapidly that it’s not a matter of if it will become the norm, but when.

Web-based email and online calendars are forms of cloud computing that many people use on a daily basis. The popularity of these cloud services has made many companies curious as to other useful solutions available through a hosted provider, the report relays.

Introducing cloud applications, including online backup or storage-as-a-service, can offer business leaders improved organization of their information at a lower cost than many traditional services. Instead of using and managing costly equipment, such as external hard drives and large servers, companies can obtain backup from a service provider. With fewer capital expenditures, businesses can reallocate funding to other business needs.

The report states the future of cloud computing is a hybrid model, which combines the benefits of cloud-based software with conventional in-house applications. Hybrid models are effective strategies because they allow organizations to have increased flexibility and scalability, yet maintain some semblance of a traditional in-house setup, with which company leaders may be familiar.ADNFCR-2553-ID-19933037-ADNFCR