When negotiating a service level agreement with a cloud computing provider, companies need to make sure provider responsibilities are covered, but Thomas Trappler asks on Computerworld: "Should cloud contracts cover client responsibilities?"

"As with most things in IT, access to a cloud service typically requires a login ID and password," Trappler writes of client access. "When a client enterprise acquires a cloud service, it should be the client's responsibility to figure out which end user should be given access. But to thoroughly address this responsibility, the client should define when access should be taken away from the user - for example, upon separation from employment or upon a change in duties or responsibilities."

Other things that may need to be addressed in the contract are password security to avoid any kind of nasty fallout from security breaches, how data should be dealt with, and what kind of shared responsibilities there are in the cloud.

Wired said cloud computing agreements should have an exit strategy, cover access and portability of the data, and should most certainly make sure the data in the cloud is protected and secured by encryption and other methods.