Leading IT firm Cisco recently announced its cloud computing intentions with a new service, reported Fierce VoIP. Now, its Quad product offering will be delivered through a managed third-party service.

The movement toward the cloud had several driving factors behind it, stated the news source. Of these factors, greater IT flexibility was cited a central concern by company executives, as many businesses were unable to meet the hard drive and processing requirements of the Quad architecture.

The cloud-enabled version of the Unified Communications product offers companies a pay-as-you-go computing model. Additionally, companies that were previously unable to host the highly demanding IT infrastructure will be able to utilize cloud computing to access its critical functions.

"Today's announcements further our vision and commitment to enterprise social software and unified communications," said Murali Sitaram, vice president and general manager of Cisco's Collaboration Software Group.

One of Cisco's biggest competitors, Dell, has also set its sights on cloud computing. The company recently unveiled its IaaS offering, called VMware, reported Search Cloud Computing. The move by the company signifies its arrival to the cloud marketplace alongside other large IT firms.