While Rick Blaisdell of the CloudTweaks blog said there are some challenges businesses may face on the road to adopting a cloud computing solution, each challenge has a solution. Blaisdell said in the blog post that nothing worth doing is without challenges, and the cloud is no exception.

"Lack of knowledge and understanding is the first obstacle to be conquered," Blaisdell said, saying that people should look to learn from those who have already migrated to the cloud. "Although cloud computing is on everyone’s mind and sometimes it feels like there is an overabundance of information on the topic, this does not translate into a proper understanding of the issue."

Other issues that Blaisdell said need to be overcome include fear, standards, reliability and security. He writes that security is probably the biggest issue, but said questions are being asked by businesses and issues of legality are currently being discussed. He advises businesses to carefully look through service contracts before signing on with a cloud.

In a previous blog post on his own blog, Blaisdell said that cloud computing is the safest option for any company operating with a large amount of data. He said many companies are starting to see the benefits of the technology and he believes it will soon spread on an even larger scale.