There are many who are still unclear on what exactly cloud based services are, but that may all change very soon. GovTech said the California Office of Technology Services (OTech), which will start providing cloud computing solutions and services to constituents very soon, may clear a lot of the cloud confusion up for users everywhere. OTech Director Ron Hughes said there is currently $300 million available to his division, as well as 800 staff members, and they hope to offer cloud advantages to many residents of the state.

"When you look at the advantages of cloud services - speed to provision, flexibility, the ability to scale up or down depending on need, cost savings, having a usage-based billing model - these are all things that will make the state's information technology more efficient and cost-effective," Hughes said.

What system each company or customer chooses to run will alter their decision, he said, according to GovTech. Security vulnerabilities are a big concern of those in the cloud, but OTech has a raised floor where it holds its servers, eliminating many fears.

According to an August 2012 report by Citrix, most people are very confused by what cloud computing services are. Just more than half believe that stormy weather can interfere with the cloud, another fable that may hinder adoption of the service.