North American fuel retailer CHS recently announced it will adopt a Software-as-a-Service solution to streamline energy and fuel excise tax filing. CHS looked for SaaS features that monitor tax rule changes, and allow automated filing from data importation to not only reduce the time it takes to file its taxes, but also avoid fines by ensuring compliance with tax laws.

Mike Morrissey, director of information technology at CHS, commented on the solution, saying it was a clear decision for the company because the application secures sensitive data and supports a large volume of transactions.

The fuel industry isn't the only industry that has been looking at the cloud as a way to streamline processes and reduce costs. According to Gartner research released earlier this month, the SaaS market is expected to experience healthy growth through 2015, and, although the U.S. market is currently the most mature, Gartner expects worldwide growth for SaaS.

According to Gartner, the majority of companies adopting cloud technology have looked for solutions to deal with expense management, financials, email and office suites