Although cloud computing solutions have been proven to be as secure, if not more, than many alternative IT solutions, InformationWeek reported that a recent survey of 302 cloud marketplace participants by the Eversar Group said there are still concerns about the cloud. The preference is still to remain behind a firewall, as 70 percent said they wanted to run financial and ERP software in a private cloud, 60 percent said the same about email and collaboration and 55 percent said they wanted to go private for custom applications.

"We wonder if the buyers are overestimating the challenges involved in public cloud adoption. While outage incidents have been widely publicized, we doubt if the overall frequency of public cloud failures has been significantly higher than what one would expect in a traditional environment," the Everest group authors wrote, according to the news source.

Other numbers showed that 27 percent of respondents were already using a large public cloud service, 19 percent were aware and likely to adopt the technology and 27 percent said they were not aware of large public services. This means the level of consciousness is still not where it should be for the industry as a whole.

Network World reported on a survey by ESG Research which said 42 percent said public cloud computing solutions would have little to no effect on their organization in the next five years. Forty-three percent said this was due to data and privacy control. However, these companies may want to more thoroughly investigate the options available to them, as there are providers that can offer public cloud based services that fulfill data protection needs.