With the world of IT and business moving closer to the cloud each day, companies that have been reluctant to adopt the technology may soon have to take some kind of action. Stefan Topfer, CEO of WinWeb.com, writes on NASDAQ's website that the cloud has some key components that companies should consider when determining which cloud-based solution is right for them. One of the primary factors is cost.

"Without value being on its side, the cloud's other benefits would seem less pronounced," Topfer wrote. "Make sure that if you are locked into a contract with a provider, you will be getting a good deal for your loyalty. In addition, those companies investing in more significant cloud set-ups should find that economic efficiency increases as they ratchet up the comprehensiveness of their adoption."

Other benefits companies can get from the cloud include the flexibility to always have updated technology, integration to help other areas of the business improve, and having a cloud computing solution that is completely tailored to what a business wants.

Forbes said companies need to figure out what kind of cloud computing model they want and which fits best for them, as proper deployment can help provide some big time saving benefits and a better level of reliability.