Companies can get to the point where they have their IT network management down, new cloud computing services set up and great help desk software all ready to go, but if they choose the wrong provider and make other mistakes, an outage can ruin everything. InformationWeek said there are some great steps to take to avoid this, first and foremost understanding the provider and what they offer.

"There are hundreds of different cloud providers to choose from today. Each one has different skills and abilities," the news source said. "Some provide only the very basics of infrastructure and expect you to navigate their service and create your own redundancy to protect your data if part of their cloud suffers an outage. While these providers may be less expensive, they put the burden of managing data availability on you."

Another thing companies need to understand, InformationWeek said, is their own entrance into the cloud. Things like cloud mirroring and using other more standard storage methods as a backup may be a great way to help make sure data can be accessible whenever.

After a prominent company suffered an outage last year, InformationWeek said companies should look into what kind of disaster recovery and data replication systems these providers have to help in case of an outage.