Cloud-based applications are one of the driving forces behind the platform's growth. Now, 28 percent of organizations use cloud computing, and many began their virtual endeavors by using an single application, states a new report by CDW.

The calculated initial step has led to the explosion of the cloud's popularity in the enterprise. The survey found 73 percent of companies made the shift to the cloud by deploying one application at the start. Due to the success of this first move, organizations are now devoting one-third of their IT budgets to cloud considerations. Additionally, the report found companies believed virtual applications would enable them to save on their overall technology budgets.

Organizations worried about cloud interoperability may need to reassess their views, as respondents claimed 42 percent of their current IT functions were cloud-ready, stated the report. Furthermore, cloud skeptics may also be changing their perceptions of the platform, as organizations calling themselves non-cloud users expected to devote 28 percent of their technology budgets to the cloud by 2016.

Cloud implementation is expected to rise. In the last year alone, platform adoption has grown 61 percent and large companies are playing a significant role in this uptake, according to a recent report by Ovum.