Large technology companies are migrating to the cloud. These corporations have a substantial amount of capital behind them, and, as a result, can offer services to the masses. However, in the cloud computing industry, services are rarely free.

Apple's digital cloud storage application will cost users an annual fee, according to GottaBeMobile. The initial reports are the cloud-based music servers will cost patrons around $20 per year to access.

The service will initially cost nothing in order to entice iPhone and iPad users. The news source reports this tactic has been used by Apple before with its MobileMe application, which started off free and became a paid service as it gained more users.

This may be an attempt by Apple to gain an edge on its competition. Other cloud based music services, such as those offered by Google and the Amazon Cloud Drive, will also include annual fees. Most are expected to cost around $20-$30 per year.

According to MacWorld, Apple is gearing up to deliver an in-depth music experience. Accordingly, it recently struck deals with two major music labels in the United States, and is seeking to negotiate terms with the two other music industry powers.