Companies must have good policy and cloud  [08/30/2013]
Although cloud based services can bring a lot to the table at a business, without a good policy behind it not much will be fixed. Industry professional David Linthicum wrote on InfoWorld that the applications of cloud computing solutions must be in line with what the business requirements are, as many companies will end up purchasing a solution that has a lot of hype behind it but not much substance.
Enterprise clouds now more used than ever  [08/30/2013]
More than ever, companies are readily accepting their future as users of cloud based services. According to the State of the Enterprise Cloud Report from Verizon, enterprise use of cloud computing solutions grew 90 percent between January of 2012 and June 2013, which has seen corporations move beyond testing and development and start running external facing and business critical apps in the cloud.
Awareness, education needed for BYOD  [08/28/2013]
It has or should have become obvious to organizations that their employees are using mobile devices in the workplace no matter if there is a bring your own device policy or not. Anders Lofgren wrote on AllThingsD that with this in mind, education and training is imperative to make sure these employees are doing all they need to stay safe on their devices.
New iPhone may help fortify MDM  [08/28/2013]
Enterprise features may not be the main point of buying an iPhone, but with companies supporting bring your own device policies and mobile device management becoming more widely used, they are nice to have.
Organizations should beware of Android devices  [08/28/2013]
Although Android is used by more people across the world than any other operating system, a recent report by U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation said there are an increasing number of threats that users face.
Nurses see productivity improvements with BYOD  [08/26/2013]
Healthcare organizations will have many compliance rules and regulations to worry about when adopting a bring your own device policy, but HealthIT Security's Jennifer Bresnick wrote that nurses who have access to a BYOD policy will do better with daily tasks and generally be more productive.
More investors looking into the cloud  [08/26/2013]
Investors are starting to love cloud computing solutions more by the day, it seems, as VentureBeat reported that many startup cloud based services organizations are starting to draw in more cash.
PaaS fastest growing cloud service  [08/26/2013]
The most profitable cloud based services in 2012 came from vendors with more than $75 million at 66 percent and those who are privately held at 77 percent, according to research by Market Monitor.
Mobility is worth the trouble  [08/26/2013]
Every enterprise now likely needs some kind of mobility strategy to stay relevant, but as marketing professional Jenn Cohen Crompton wrote on Business 2 Community, it isn't easy leveraging this technolo
Preventing BYOD security breaches  [08/26/2013]
Forming and implementing a bring your own device policy will always have certain levels of complexities involved, which are especially important to prevent when dealing in industries such as finances and accounting where sensitive information reigns supreme.