Companies moving to cloud computing-based email to save money  [08/31/2011]
With the costs of IT rising, providers are increasingly recommending and implementing cloud computing-based email, according to a post on CRN's website. Nick Mehta, CEO of LiveOffice, said that with the amount of time many customers spend on their email accounts each day, it's hard for a company not to want to move to the cloud.
States have their eyes on cloud computing taxes, but federal government may step in  [08/30/2011]
With more companies adopting a cloud computing solution, such as switching from boxed software to a pay-as-you-go service, many states are looking into how they could possible tax providers, but according to Infoworld, a federal law may protect the cloud from being over-taxed.
Cloud computing helps decrease unemployment in IT field  [08/29/2011]
According to one CIO at a tech staffing and consulting firm quoted on CNN Money's website, a big part of the reason why the IT field currently has such a low unemployment rate is because of the creation of cloud computing jobs.
Startups see the most benefit from cloud computing  [08/26/2011]
Cloud computing is increasing in populairty by the day for established businesses, but one CEO said that companies that are just starting up are the businesses that will see an immediate impact from the technology.
Organizations heading deeper into cloud computing, survey shows  [08/25/2011]
Cloud computing's popularity may be increasing among businesses, according to CompTIA's Second Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study.
Companies should plan before implementing cloud computing solution  [08/24/2011]
There are typically risks associated with the transition from an older technology to a newer product or service, which is why many companies undertaking a cloud computing solution should take the appropriate measures to reduce their susceptibility to negative side effects stemming from the switch, Rick Blaisdell writes on Cloud Weaks' website.
West Virginia looks into cloud computing  [08/23/2011]
West Virginia's Office of Technology is continuing to look into cloud computing, according to the Charleston Gazette. The state is looking for a new way to deliver subscription-based software, document management and data storage services to government agencies in the state whose workers would tap into the cloud.
Companies race to cloud computing and standardization  [08/23/2011]
As companies race to adapt cloud computing, there's also a race to develop standards for the relatively new form of technology, according to Patrick Thibodeau on ComputerWorld.
States look at taxing cloud computing providers  [08/23/2011]
While more companies are using cloud computing now than ever, there are no standardized state tax rules for the industry. According to a recent story in Bloomberg, many U.S. states may look to change that in the coming months.
Cloud computing adoption risky for public sector, but slowly happening  [08/22/2011]
Governments around the globe are beginning to recognize the monetary and operational benefits of cloud computing technology. In the United Kingdom, the Westminster City Council recently embraced the cloud to help reduce costs and increase functionality.