Navy wants cloud used, but treading lightly on sensitive data  [04/26/2013]
The U.S. government has been making a big push toward cloud computing solutions use by its departments over the past couple of years, so it is no surprise to see U.S. Navy CIO Terry Halvorsen instruct his department to use public cloud based services.
Prepare governance plan in cloud early  [04/26/2013]
When they are implemented correctly, cloud computing solutions can be a great way for companies to become more efficient, gain productivity and perhaps even save costs, but not every implementation is easy.
Cost not the most important factor in the cloud  [04/26/2013]
While many companies may have thought money was the most important factor before looking into or adopting cloud based services, Barb Darrow wrote on GigaOM that there is now a shift in thinking as to why companies move their workloads to the cloud. Instead of going for cost savings, she said organizations have figured out over the last year that the cloud is a great way to become more flexible and scalable even if it doesn't save a ton of money every time.
Take the temperature of the cloud with employees  [04/25/2013]
Although many companies will adopt cloud computing services without much planning, Heather Clancy wrote on ZDNet that due diligence is always a good way to go. One of the best ways to make sure cloud based services will take off at a business is surveying employees to make sure they know about and want to use the cloud.
Best possible security in cloud still down the line  [04/24/2013]
Security has been vastly improved in cloud based services, but Gartner research vice president Jay Heiser said in an online presentation to his firm's clients that the highest level of security in the cloud is not here yet and may take a long, hard climb to get there.
Majority of companies allow for personal devices  [04/23/2013]
Businesses that want to see an increase in productivity among employees have been looking toward a bring your own device policy, according to a recent report from CompTIA.
Asking questions when outsourcing cloud services  [04/22/2013]
Keeping a lot of thoughts and questions in mind when moving to a new technology is important and cloud based services should be no exception. Scott Lowe, founder and managing consultant of the 1610 Group, spoke with Siliconangle and said that there is still a difficult choice for companies to make versus on-premise versus outsourcing the cloud and said there are questions that should be asked.
Company brings security via the cloud  [04/19/2013]
After looking at the benefits versus risks of cloud based services, Chipita America adopted CenterBeam's cloud and was able to see benefits. Even though many are not quite sure about security in the cloud, Shahin Pirooz, CTO & CSO of CenterBeam, said in a recent webcast by the company, titled "Cloud Skeptical Turned Advocate: A CIO's Story of Gaining Trust," said that this company found ways to improve security, boost disaster recovery and application reliability.
Design the cloud to be dependable  [04/18/2013]
In order to get the best out of cloud computing services, companies must make sure they are designing the cloud with dependability in mind. David Bills, a reliability strategist, wrote on Data Center Knowledge that from the customer's perspective, the cloud should just work, but there are issues that can get in the way of that, such as outages, that businesses must think about when they are designing their cloud and strategy.
Big changes needed to make BYOD effective  [04/15/2013]
The bring your own device trend has been bringing massive amounts of change in companies everywhere, but more may be necessary to get the most benefits from mobility, according to a recent report by CompTIA. Organizations should be re-examining the policies they have in place to see what can be adopted to get the most out of their workforce.