Businesses, employees should be clear on mobile policy  [04/30/2012]
When implementing a mobile device management plan, companies and their employees should be clear about the plan and what it is.
Businesses need to figure out nees before adopting cloud  [04/30/2012]
ITWorld posted an excerpt from "The Economics of Cloud Computing: An Overview for Decision Makers" by Bill Williams, expected to be released this summer. He said it's important for businesses to first understand their own needs before making the move into cloud computing.
Businesses need to rethink strategies to maximize cloud benefits  [04/30/2012]
A recent Forbes article highlighted a way to look at cloud strategy so that it maximizes cloud computing benefits.
Cloud spending increases in the UK, IT costs decrease  [04/27/2012]
The 2012 CA Technologies Channel Index recently revealed that increased cloud spending in the U.K. correlates with increased IT savings.
CHS adopts SaaS solution, cloud market continues to grow  [04/27/2012]
North American fuel retailer CHS recently announced it will adopt a Software-as-a-Service solution to streamline energy and fuel excise tax filing.
Many health organizations plan to use the cloud  [04/27/2012]
With cloud computing making its way into many industries, the health industry has steered somewhat clear of the technology, but a new poll by Healthcare IT News said that may soon be changing, as 48 percent of organizations said they plan on implementing cloud computing and 33 percent said they are already using it.
China will see big cloud growth  [04/27/2012]
The world has seen cloud computing spread massively over the past few years, and according to a recent report by Netscribes, that growth will continue big time in China. The country is set to see a annual growth of 77.5 percent from 2010 to 2015, the report said.
CIO strategy should include the public cloud  [04/27/2012]
While many companies have focused on private cloud computing in an effort to try and keep their information more secure, Bernard Golden, vice president of Enterprise Solutions for enStratus Networks, writes on Computerworld that companies should have the public cloud in their strategy as well.
Cancer charity moves to the cloud  [04/27/2012]
Cancer Research UK, one of Britain's leading cancer charities, has started moving its systems to cloud computing in an effort to become more efficient and have savings that will enable more funds for its research. The charity's new solution will look to provide a multimedia experience for the end users and simplify IT management, energy efficiency and security.
Apple devices most popular so far in 2012  [04/27/2012]
A recent report from Good Technology shows that of the top 10 devices used between January and March of this year, the top six were Apple devices. Apple has an 80 percent share of activations to Android's 20 percent share. This may be important for companies and IT managers to know when selecting a mobile device management program.