Security, virtualization key for business smartphones  [04/29/2011]
As smartphones become more popular, businesses providing employees with a company mobile phone may have to take several steps to assure their enterprise information is protected.
Cloud labeled as a 'revolution'  [04/29/2011]
According to the Wall Street Journal, the advent of cloud computing may be likened to the Industrial Revolution based on the platform's "promise to shape our future world."
IT management a key for business success  [04/29/2011]
CEOs and information technology professionals must collaborate to optimize their company's computing resources.
Amazon backs cloud computing, assumes considerable risk  [04/27/2011]
Amazon's EC2 cloud service recently suffered a system fail, resulting in a period of downtime for the popular service.
The cloud takes small businesses into the stratosphere  [04/27/2011]
Small - and - medium sized businesses are often strapped for cash, and, as a result, look for IT solutions that will save time and money.
US government enacts sweeping cloud changes  [04/27/2011]
Information technology professionals in a growing number of businesses are challenged with the integration of cloud computing into business operations.
Cloud integration a slow process for UK businesses  [04/27/2011]
Experts say that the cloud market is expected to boom in 2011, as the platform is predicted to be implemented by businesses worldwide.
Microsoft's cloud OK'd by the federal government  [04/27/2011]
Companies looking to offer cloud services to the federal government have to go through the proper certification channels, and, in many cases, this process hinges on security measures.
Apple's cloud will include annual fee  [04/27/2011]
Large technology companies are migrating to the cloud.
Cloud enables business growth  [04/27/2011]
Fast-growing companies have to continuously update their software.