iSheriff announces new security platform for cloud computing  [04/30/2010]
Cloud computing security company iSheriff recently announced the development of new SaaS applications dedicated to email and web security. The company designed the applications to work together, but they can work just as well independently.
SAP CEO Snabe points out cloud computing for company's future  [04/30/2010]
When SAP reported that its revenue from the first quarter of 2010 nearly doubled from the same time period in 2009, co-CEO Jim Haggeman Snabe reported that SAP plans to keep profits up by improving its SaaS offerings, according to Information Week. The primary SaaS offering the company plans is the Business ByDesign Suite, which has been pushed back for release to July.
Plateau benefits from need for SaaS talent management application  [04/30/2010]
Plateau, a leading provider of SaaS talent management applications, recently reported that the demand for a less expensive way for companies to manage employees led to its largest yearly growth ever. In 2009, the company added more than 2.5 million new users and maintained its 95 percent subscription renewal rate.
SaaS leader StepStone announces newest application release  [04/30/2010]
StepStone Solutions recently announced the release of i-GRasp 3.0, the latest edition of its erecruitment solution used by staffing agencies and human resources departments to centralize and manage data relating to employment. As the economy continues to become more global, i-GRasp has added features that allow organizations to work in different languages.
Gartner: SaaS applications are here to stay  [04/30/2010]
A report recently released by Gartner shows that 95 percent of organizations currently using SaaS applications plan to move further into the cloud or maintain the same usage level. The companies cited the flexibility of SaaS programs and growing operation costs of on-site IT resources for their plans.
Some advice on cloud computing implementation  [04/30/2010]
Companies looking to adopt cloud computing often struggle after the initial implementation process because it's difficult to forecast potential problems a new IT system will have on an organization's operations. Those with regulatory compliance needs often experience the most strife after a move to the cloud. IT Business Edge contributor Lora Bentley believes that addressing these issues prior to vendor selection and system implementation will prevent potential problems.
Small businesses look to cloud computing outside of CRM  [04/29/2010]
Access Markets International Partners reported earlier this week that small business adoption of CRM solutions will rise in 2010. Rackspace reported that CRM isn't the only SaaS market to see a boost in 2010.
Salesforce.com, VMware to develop cloud platform for java applications  [04/28/2010]
Customer relationship management solution leader Salesforce.com and VMware, a global leader in cloud hosting, recently announced that they are working together on a cloud computing project that will host Java applications. The cloud will be open to any company that can work its program into Salesforce's database.
Oregon moves classrooms to the cloud  [04/28/2010]
Oregon public schools began using cloud computing as an integral tool in the classroom on April 28 thanks to new SaaS applications designed by Google specifically for education. The program, which Oregon is the first to use, was designed to make digital literacy universal and help school districts reduce IT costs at the same time.
Translating with cloud computing  [04/27/2010]
Lionbridge Technologies, a provider of translation and language testing solutions with headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts, recently announced the completion and release of Translation Workspace, a SaaS translation productivity application.